Acorn A3010 and A3020
Stripdown, clean and re-assembly.

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A3010base_12.jpg - 25Kb
The disk drive is seperated by removing the 4 securing screws on the underside of the top-chassis.

A3010base_13.jpg - 19Kb
To remove the mainboard you will need to first undo all the small hexagon bolts
on the rear connectors, also the locking ring on the Audio out.

A3010base_14.jpg - 36Kb
The mainboard can then be slid forward and lifted clear after unplugging
the mains cable from the Power supply area of the Mainboard.

A3010base_15.jpg - 40Kb
This is the mainboard with dust still attatched. Clean it with a small paintbrush
and a vacuum cleaner hose. Be careful not to damage anything.

A3010base_16.jpg - 39Kb
The completed mainboard, looking factory fresh. Whilst its out the machine take a second or two
to make sure the main OS ROMS are pushed fully home.(2 large IC's bottom right)

A3010base_17.jpg - 24Kb
Unclip the lid of the Floppy disk drive, and as before use a brush and vacuum hose
to remove all dust and hair.

A3010base_18.jpg - 15Kb
Clean the case with damp cloth. Use NO detergents,abrasive or chemical cleaners.
Do not use nail varnish remover as it will MELT your case.

A3010base_19.jpg - 24Kb
A dusty keyboard unit ready for a clean.

A3010base_20.jpg - 18Kb
Firstly, work from the back. Unclip the metal backing plate by undoing the clips.
Work from 1 end to the other.

A3010base_21.jpg - 32Kb
With the backing plate removed the keyboard membrane is exposed.

A3010base_22.jpg - 32Kb
Lifting away the membrane reveals all the dust. At this stage pick out the LED's and store them safely.

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