Acorn Archimedes 310 Base Unit

Stripdown, Clean and Re-Assembly

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A310base_10.jpg - 20Kb
The front panel can now be lifted clear.

A310base_11.jpg - 20Kb
To seperate the two halves of the front panel, remove the 2 self tapping screws shown.

A310base_12.jpg - 21Kb
The front panel can now be given a good clean, using only damp cloth.

A310base_13.jpg - 28Kb
To remove the Floppy Disk Drive chassis, unscrew the 2 screws highlighted.

A310base_14.jpg - 29Kb
The assemble can now be lifted clear.

A310base_15.jpg - 20Kb
To remove the back panel remove the 3 screws highlighted in "RED".
And to remove the PSU unscrew the 4 screws highlighted in "PURPLE"

A310base_16.jpg - 27Kb
This picture shows the parts seperated.

A310base_17.jpg - 28Kb
Clean the inside of the chassis by first vacuming the interior then wiping with a damp cloth,
followed by drying. The battery pack is riveted to the chassis so just clean it up as best you can.

A310base_18.jpg - 20Kb
The PSU just needs a dust out, it comes apart by unscrewing and removing the 2 screws shown.
Just use a vacum cleaner hose and small paintbrush to clean it.

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