Acorn A5000 Base Unit

Stripdown, clean and re-assembly

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A5000base_9.jpg - 35Kb
Next pull the Front-panel LED connector from the mainboard.
Its a bit of a squeeze if a Memory upgrade is fitted like in this case.
Next spring the 6 clips that secure the front panel.

A5000base_10.jpg - 87Kb
The Front panal can now be removed, taking care to feed the LED cable through the
hole on the front of the main chassis.

A5000base_11.jpg - 47Kb
Next pull off the 6 power leads, noting where they came from. Also the lead to the internal speaker.

A5000base_12.jpg - 29Kb
Remove the blanking plates at the rear, 4 screws. Followed by the 2 screws that hold
the mainboard in place. The mainboard can now be slide out to the rear of the unit.

A5000base_13.jpg - 56Kb
To remove the PSU, pull off the power button, noting which way up it went. Remove 2 screws
that hold the switch in place then 2 screws on the PSU, it can then be lifted free of the chassis.

A5000base_14.jpg - 127Kb
An image of the mainboard after a good clean.

A5000base_15.jpg - 30Kb
All components cleaned ready for re-assembly. Clean internals with a brush and vacuum cleaner hose,
external surfaces with damp cloth ONLY!. Re-assemble is reverse of above.

a5000econet_10.jpg - 41Kb
A reference shot of this fine computer up and running.

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