Acorn A7000 Base Unit

Stripdown, clean and re-assembly

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A7000base_9.jpg - 49Kb
Next remove all power and other cables from the mainboard, noting where they came from.
Next remove the 2 screws which retain the mainboard. Note the dust build-up on the PCB.

A7000base_10.jpg - 24Kb
Next job is to remove all the securing bolts around the rear connectors with a small spanner.
Dont forget the lock-ring round the audio out jack.

A7000base_11.jpg - 108Kb
The mainboard can now be lifted clear of the chassis and put somewhere safe.

A7000base_12.jpg - 72Kb
To remove the Power Supply Unit, unscrew and remove the 3 screws in the base of the chassis.

A7000base_13.jpg - 80Kb
The PSU can now be lifted clear.

A7000base_14.jpg - 32Kb
As with all my other stripdowns, clean interiors with a brush and vacuum cleaner hose.
Externals with damp cloth ONLY.

A7000base_15.jpg - 62Kb
A closeup of the mainboard after a good clean. Always with these 32bit mainboards
check the condition of the battery for sign of leakage and replace if needed.

A7000base_16.jpg - 91Kb
Re-assemble in the reverse of the above.
Add monitor, keyboard and mouse and enjoy what is a jem of the Acorn brand.

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