RISC PC Base Unit

Stripdown and Clean

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rpcbase_1.jpg - 16Kb
This is my Acorn RISC PC. It's a StrongArm 233 with 10Mb of RAM and 2Mb Video Ram
and an i-Cubed Network card. It is also in need of a good clean.

rpcbase_2.jpg - 18Kb
A view of the rear of the unit showing mainboard ports, power input/output and
blanking plates over the backplane. To remove the top cover, twist the two securing
latches through 90 degrees, then lift the top upwards from the rear.

rpcbase_3.jpg - 41Kb
A view of the inside.
It doesnt look that dirty from this distance, but wait until we got to some closeups.

rpcbase_4.jpg - 54Kb
This is the 2-way Backplane riser board. Note all the dirt and dust thats been ejected
from the power supply clogging the board and the floppy drive behind it.

rpcbase_5.jpg - 43Kb
To remove the backplane, grip it at both sides and ease it upwards
with slight side to side movement to help free it.

rpcbase_6.jpg - 45Kb
The same goes for the processor card. Be very careful not to damage this or the socket.
Note which way round it was fitted and which socket.

rpcbase_7.jpg - 52Kb
Next remove the Data and Power cables to the Floppy Drive and CD-ROM Drive.
Dont forget the Audio cable on the CD-ROM (all highlighted in RED).
Next pull upwards to remove the rear locking pins (BLUE) and twist the
front locking pins through 90 degrees (BLUE) and pull them out.

rpcbase_8.jpg - 23Kb
The main "slice" of the machine can now be lifted clear of the base.

rpcbase_9.jpg - 20Kb
To seperate the Floppy and CD Drive from the main "slice",
remove the highlighted screws, and slide the drives out.

rpcbase_10.jpg - 62Kb
Next remove the main power plug to the mainboard and speaker/hard disc activity light wires (RED)
noting the way they came off. Then disconnect the Floppy and Hard Disc data cables from the mainboard

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