Fitting a Hard Disk Drive to an A3020

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A3020hdd_11.jpg - 49Kb
Remove the single cap-head screw at the centre-front.
Then pull the top half of the chassis forward then upwards to part it.

A3020hdd_12.jpg - 76Kb
Dont forget to disconnect the power lead and data cable to the Floppy Disk Drive.
Also with the lid open, the lead to the speaker.

A3020hdd_13.jpg - 72Kb
With the new Hard Disk laid beside the chassis, it is obvious where everything goes.
The HDD is secured from below by four screws and the ribbon cable connects as shown.

A3020hdd_14.jpg - 30Kb
A view of the Fitted HDD.

A3020hdd_15.jpg - 44Kb
Re-assemble in reverse of the above.
Fit the keyboard ribbons "before" the podule as it will give you more room for your fingers.

A3020hdd_16.jpg - 66Kb
Power the system up. We now have to tell it there's a HDD present.

A3020hdd_17.jpg - 91Kb
Select Apps-Configuration-Discs. Then using the up/down arrows, add "1" HDD icon
to the display as shown in the IDE HDD section followed by "OK"

A3020hdd_18.jpg - 70Kb
You will recieve this warning screen. Just click on "OK"

A3020hdd_19.jpg - 83Kb
When done, the new HDD will be present on the taskbar.

A3020hdd_20.jpg - 105Kb
Just click on its icon to boot and view its contents. Job well done.

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