Fitting a 2 slot backplane to a
Archimedes A310

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a310_b-plane_1.jpg - 22Kb
A brand new and boxed 2 Slot backplane to be fitted to my Archimedes A310

a310_b-plane_2.jpg - 41Kb
Inside the box, and typical Acorn fashion, some small components and a mountain of polystyrene chips.

a310_b-plane_3.jpg - 36Kb
The kit should comprise of, Backplane, Mounting Bar, 4x self tapping screws, 2x hexagonal spacers,
4x straight screws, 4x long screws, 6x nuts, Fan, Dust Filter and Filter Clamp.

a310_b-plane_4.jpg - 21Kb
First remove the top cover of the machine by removing the 3 screws highlighted.
Ensure proper electrical isolation before starting.

a310_b-plane_5.jpg - 20Kb
Remove the 2 screws, one at either side of the front of the case.

a310_b-plane_6.jpg - 22Kb
The top cover can now be slid off towards the rear of the base unit.

a310_b-plane_7.jpg - 14Kb
Next, take the 4x self tapping screws, 2x spacer pillars, the mounting bar and backplane.

a310_b-plane_8.jpg - 11Kb
With the items laid out as shown in the previous image, assemble as shown.

a310_b-plane_9.jpg - 13Kb
Another view of the Backplane fitted to the mounting bar.
Note the bars orientation and positioning of the spacers.

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