Fitting a Scanlight 256 Video Podule and
Hand Scanner setup on a A5000

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scanlight-256_13.jpg - 62Kb
A general view of the completed installation.

scanlight-256_14.jpg - 24Kb
The Hand Scanner plugs into the Scanner port on the podule.
DO NOT plug in or disconnect the Hand Scanner with the machine powered up!

scanlight-256_15.jpg - 24Kb
Re-assemble the machine ie monitor, keyboard and mouse. Power on and when the desktop is reached
press F12 and type *podules , If you have successfully installed the podule it will display its
hardware info and the podule slot to which it is fitted.

scanlight-256_16.jpg - 33Kb
Using the Filer I have created a new Directory (highlighted) called "Scanner".
I have opened this new directory on the right of the screen, I have also inserted the software disc and opened
this (lower window), now just highlight all items on the floppy disc and drag them to the new Scanner directory.

scanlight-256_17.jpg - 37Kb
This image shows file transfere under way.

scanlight-256_18.jpg - 31Kb
Once complete the Scanner directory should look as it does in this image.
Double clicking on !Scanner loads the application and it appears on the Task Bar.

scanlight-256_19.jpg - 29Kb
Clicking on the Scanner Icon I am presented with this window.
First thing to do is select my scanning source from the top left drop-down box.

scanlight-256_20.jpg - 28Kb
Next I will select my scan settings, so for this test, "16 level grey scale" and "200 dpi" will be selected.

scanlight-256_21.jpg - 21Kb
On pressing OK, the Hand Scanner is powered up and a "Scan Preview" window appears.

scanlight-256_22.jpg - 24Kb
For this demo I have chosen an actual Scanlight advert out of an Acorn magazine to practice on.

scanlight-256_23.jpg - 26Kb
Dragging the scanner across the image whilst holding the "Scan" button produces a real-time preview
on the screen. Experiment with dot-pitch, brightness etc with the controls on the scanner itself.

scanlight-256_24.jpg - 32Kb
On completion of scanning I can now use the Menu (centre mouse button) and from this Save the image to disc.

scanlight-256_25.jpg - 30Kb
To view my image I have dragged the newly created file to !Draw. This has been a test.
Better results can be obtained by selecting 256 level grey scale, but remember more memory
is required for higher resolution and levels of grey scale.

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