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BBC-Bbase_12.jpg - 37Kb
The mainboard can now be eased forward, lift the rear of the board, then drag it upwards and to the rear to remove it.

BBC-Bbase_13.jpg - 19Kb
What do we have here? Oh about 15-20 years of dust and grime.

BBC-Bbase_14.jpg - 21Kb
First vacuum the dust out, then using a damp kitchen cloth wipe the case clean. Use water only, no solvents. The results can be seen clearly.

BBC-Bbase_15.jpg - 39Kb
The mainboard can now be cleaned with the aid of a vacuum cleaner hose and a paintbrush to loosen the dust. Be careful not to damage anything.

BBC-Bbase_16.jpg - 47Kb
The mainboard fully cleaned. As with anything, time taken will make it look factory fresh.

BBC-Bbase_17.jpg - 24Kb
The power supply. Dust the components as for the mainboard. For the grubby mains cord use damp cloth again and some vigorus wiping action.

BBC-Bbase_18.jpg - 22Kb
The Power Supply completed. Note how well that power cord has come up. There's nothing worse than a filthy looking white cable.

BBC-Bbase_19.jpg - 29Kb
This is the underside of the keyboard PCB. Dust it and while your there check the tracks over for any damage.

BBC-Bbase_20.jpg - 28Kb
First job on the keyboard, a preliminary vacuum to get rid of the loose dust and hair that always seems to be attracted to keys.

BBC-Bbase_21.jpg - 22Kb
Remove all the keys by gripping firmly and pulling them upwards away from the board. Note the order they come off!

BBC-Bbase_22.jpg - 31Kb
All the keys removed, also the speaker grill removed(this varies according to machine issue) note also 2 keyswitches to be repaired.

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