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BBC-Bbase_23.jpg - 29Kb
The first switch just needed clicking back together, the other I had to remove by first locating it on the PCB and desoldering the 2 pins.

BBC-Bbase_24.jpg - 36Kb
Before the keyswitch can be lifted clear there are 2 latches to be sprung whilst easing the switch upwards. Its easy done with 2 screwdrivers.

BBC-Bbase_25.jpg - 14Kb
The switch had come apart sometime, it had been forced together and bent the contacts. So I straightened them with pliers.

BBC-Bbase_26.jpg - 13Kb
All the keyswitch components ready for re-assembly. Check switch functionality with a meter before refitting.

BBC-Bbase_27.jpg - 28Kb
To re-fit the switch, press it back into place and re-solder the 2 pins on the rear of the PCB.

BBC-Bbase_28.jpg - 28Kb
Wipe all the keys off with damp cloth, they will clean up great. Next refit them to the board by just pressing them onto the switchtops.

BBC-Bbase_29.jpg - 31Kb
The keystrip is best cleaned with liquid brass cleaner wiped on and off with a soft cloth. but DO-NOT!! wipe the rear painted side, or you will loose your BBC logo. Irrecoverable!!

BBC-Bbase_30.jpg - 19Kb
To clean the case, spray it with water and scrub with a toothbrush, the evidence speaks for itself. It wont cure yellowing but it makes a great difference.

BBC-Bbase_31.jpg - 31Kb
All the component parts of an Acorn BBC Model-B ready for reassembly. Just follow the above but in reverse!! Easy.

BBC-Bbase_32.jpg - 40Kb
All the parts back in the case, a grubby Beeb looking like new again. Final step, replace the lid and secure with its 4 retaining screws. Switch on and enjoy!

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