Acorn Electron Base Unit.

Stripdown, cleaning and re-assembly.

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elecbase_8.jpg - 49Kb
Once cleaned, all the keys can be refitted to the keyboard's "chassis". Just press them back on.

elecbase_9.jpg - 29Kb
Next, take a wet cloth, drip water on the case and give it a good scrub with an "old" toothbrush. This will get any grime out of the textured surface. (Bad image Right Hand side clean in this picture).

elecbase_10.jpg - 123Kb
Now remove the Mainboard and internal PSU by removing the screws an cables highlighted.

elecbase_11.jpg - 63Kb
The two boards can now be lifted free. Clean the bottom half of the case in the same was as the top. Damp cloth and a bit of a scrub with a brush.

elecbase_12.jpg - 66Kb
Dust the PSU board off, then INSPECT the area highlighted in this image for cracked solder joints.
Its a common fault on Electrons. Repeated removal/insertion of power lead weakens the joint.

elecbase_13.jpg - 74Kb
Clean the mainboard with a brush and vacuum hose and it will come up like new.

elecbase_14.jpg - 21Kb
All the parts laid out ready for re-assembly. Just do the reverse of above, you cant go wrong.

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