Master 128 Base Unit

Stripdown,Clean and Reassembly

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M128base_13.jpg - 22Kb
Not a good photograph, but it can be clearly seen on the "right" of the image what
result can be achieved with a little water and scrubbing with an "old" toothbrush.

M128base_14.jpg - 36Kb
To clean the Mainboard, use an artist soft paintbrush and a vacuum cleaner hose to loosen
and remove the dirt/dust. Mainboards clean up surprisingly well using this technique.

M128base_15.jpg - 31Kb
Next the Keyboard. Remove all the keys by gripping hold and pulling upwards away from
the keyboard. Not for the feint hearted, all sorts of grime will be found here.

M128base_16.jpg - 31Kb
With all the keys removed, use the same technique as the Mainboard. A brush and vacuum hose. The results are noticable on the right of the image.

M128base_17.jpg - 59Kb
Wash each individual key with a damp cloth only. The dry with a clean cloth.
This image shows the results easily obtained. Its tedious work with this many keys but well worth it.

M128base_18.jpg - 22Kb
What did I tell you? Look at the image and see how that work has paid off! The keyboard
looks near mint again. Nothing worse than typing on a filthy keyboard.

M128base_19.jpg - 30Kb
Here we have all the cleaned components laid out ready for re-assembly.

M128base_20.jpg - 40Kb
First refit the power supply(3 screws) followed by the mainboard(5 screws 1 clip).
Next reconnect the power leads to the Mainboard EXACTLY how they came off.

M128base_21.jpg - 39Kb
Next re-attatch the speaker cable and locate and install the ROM cartridge unit.

M128base_22.jpg - 44Kb
Re-fit the Battery pack to the left of the keyboard and its connections to the mainboard.
Refit the keyboard (4 screws 1 clip) and attatch the ribbon cables.

M128base_23.jpg - 61Kb
Re-fit the top of the case using 4 screws(2 long 2 short). Looks alot better now.
Dont forget to re-configure the CMOS as settings will have been lost due to battery disconnection.

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