Acorn Data Recorder


acorn_dat_1.jpg - 23Kb
This is the standard Acorn Data Recorder for all 8bit machines. It has "Acorn Computer" written on top, some examples have "BBC Microcomputer System Data Recorder"

acorn_dat_2.jpg - 45Kb
The Volume and Tone sliders are removed by just pulling them upwards.
Remove grime with a damp cloth and old toothbrush.

acorn_dat_3.jpg - 35Kb
Clean the speaker grill with a damp cloth and old toothbrush. Don'thave the cloth to wet,
otherwise water may contaminate the speaker itself. The difference is clearly seen.

acorn_dat_4.jpg - 28Kb
Wipe the rest of the outer case, again with a damp cloth and using a small brush.

acorn_dat_5.jpg - 29Kb
To remove the back cover, unscrew and remove the 5 screws highlighted in this image.
Note, one is located inside the battery compartment.

acorn_dat_6.jpg - 41Kb
Pivot the rear cover back, it will still be attatched to the rest of the case by wires,
but these will not effect us cleaning the interior with a small paintbrush and a vacum hose.

acorn_dat_7.jpg - 41Kb
A closeup view of the mechanism. Very basic and easy to replace the main drive or counter belt.

acorn_dat_8.jpg - 27Kb
This reference shot shows the Acorn Data Recorder against my personal example from the same era.
They are identical except the silver one, sold as a retail unit for "home entertainment use"
ie music has a built in microphone (highlighted).

acorn_dat_9.jpg - 13Kb
Another reference shot of the side of the units.
They show standard 3.5 and 2.5 mm jack plugs on the left and DIN socket on the right example.