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About The Classic Acorn Website

This website started life on the 1st January 2003.
It's main goals are to promote the Restoration, Repair and Upgrade of computer hardware and
perhiperals manufactured by Acorn Computers Ltd here in the UK.

Unfortunatly Acorn Computers Ltd are no longer with us, but the hardware is kept very much
alive by many personal websites that work to promote the brand.

Many companies are keeping Acorn RISC OS Hardware in use by providing updated or new software.
Other's are exploring new and exciting hardware to which RISC OS is being ported.

My fascination with this particular brand of computer started way back in the 1980's, this was
the start of the "Home Computer" boom here in the UK with many small but upcoming companies
competing for this fresh market. Including the likes of; Acorn, Sinclair, Oric International etc.

Hopefully the contents of this site will help interested individuals maintain and continue to
enjoy their machines, be it just for nostalgic gaming, programing or even daily serious use.

The collection of Hardware that I had aquired which at one point numbered sixty three machines!.
This has now been moved on to new homes with enthusiastic owners to look after them.

The website as a whole will still be maintained even tho additions to it are likely to be rare.
The site will not disappear, and I will keep uploading banners advertising RISC OS Shows.
I will also try to keep the links section up to date with interesting sites to visit.

What better way to promote this fine brand of computer technology.