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chess_b_tape.jpg - 40Kb
No details yet!

crazytracer_b_tape.jpg - 38Kb
You are in charge of a paint roller which you must guide around the edges of a maze of rectangles.
Trying to prevent you from repainting these lines are several monsters which attempt to catch and
crush the roller as it moves along. There are two different kinds of screens to paint: one which
offers you the chance of gaining bonus points by painting in rectangles containing different objects,
the other which poses the problem of how to avoid running out of paint.

ctodoom_b_tape.jpg - 45Kb
While orbiting the treasure-laden, but inhospitable, planet Doomawangara (Doom for short) your ship
suffers a devistating attack from the local air defence system. Grounded on Doom, your ship is both
damaged, and threatened with total disintergration due to the corrosive effects of the Doom atmosphere.
Repairs to the ship must be made before you can escape, and there's also a tempting array of treasure
to be collected; but the clock is ticking away all the while, and it's only a matter of time before the
ship wil disappear in a cloud of dust, whereupon you must resign yourself to a life in the wilderness of Doom.

drogna_b_tape.jpg - 33Kb
The discovery of time-travel last century opened up the galaxy to archaeologists searching for fragments
of the year 1998, a year of such stupendous inactivity here on earth that it ceased altogether to exist.
Swinging around a handy millisecond pulsar brought them to Arg in the late twentieth century, a remote minor
planet inhabited by a race of friendly dragons, an advanced species though curiously devious, who were engaged
in an intergalactic television phone-in programme
(seen here of course two centuries ago under the title "Adventure Game" BBC TV).

With the promise of future discoveries, the Argons insisted on subjecting them to a series of childish tests
and problems, among them this game of Drogna, at which we usually lost because the chief dragon kept changing
the rules. This definitive version of the game is now published in case anyone is foolish enough to revisit Arg!

elite_b_tape.jpg - 42Kb elite_e_tape.jpg - 44Kb
Acornsoft Elite is the first in a new generation of 3-D space games featuring interstellar travel
in a distant cluster of galaxies in the outer universe.

Command your Cobra spaceship in a fantastic voyage of discovery and adventure, a supreme test of your
combat, navigational and entrepreneurial skills. Trade between countless planets, using the proceeds
to equip your ship with heat-seaking missiles, beam lasers and other weapons - corporate states can be
approached without risk, but unruly anarchies may be swarming with space pirates. Black market trading
can be lucrative but could result in skirmishes with local police and a price on your head!

However you make your money, by fair means or foul, you must last onwards through space annihilating pirate
ships and hostile aliens as you strive to earn you reputation as one of the Elite!

freefall_b_disc.jpg - 37Kb
When the Alphoid battleship attacked Deep Space Station Coriolis and Alphoid lifeforms injected the air
supplies with there own cyanide-based atmosphere, only one crew member managed to don his space suit in time.
Unable to reach the armory, he must face the Alphoid warriors barehanded to defend not only his own life but
also the vital computer records which the Space Station contains.

In this game you control the crewman, manouvering him around the Space Station as he tries to destroy Alphoids
before being destroyed himself - either by the enemy or due to lack of oxygen.

gkaros_b_tape.jpg - 40Kb
As a local historian, you had been alowed into the great library of Karoway Manor. There, between the pages
of an ancient book, you find a seemingly much older sheet of paper. It told of a stone gateway to the mythical
land of Karos opening only at midnight on the summer solstice. Were it not for the majestic stone arch in the
centre of the manor lawn, and that it was by then dusk on Midsummer's Day, you might have replaced the page
without a thought....

This is a vast and fascinating adventure with the accent firmly on intrigue and ingenuity. There is more than
one route to many of the treasures on the island of Karos but, whichever path you choose, you will be beset by
treachery. Even the recovery of the Talisman of Khoronz - of which you will learn on your travels - will be no
guarantee of a safe return nor proof against the wish that you had remained a historian in some quiet manor library.

hopper_e_rom.jpg - 57Kb
An arcade game on ROM Cartridge for the Acorn Electron.

Hop the frog across the busy motorway trying to avoid four lanes of fast-moving traffic.
To get across the river to the forg's lair you must leap on to the logs and turtles backs, but beware of
the diving turtles, the crocodiles and the snake.

Complete with music and full sound effects, dragonfly, timer and table of high scores.

kofhamil_b_tape.jpg - 58Kb
You are the rightful heir to the Kingdom of hamil, but, stolen from your royal parents as a child, you have
only just discovered your birthright. Unfortunatly, many other evil people have tried to prevent you from
making your rightful claim, and usually by force. Pursued by hostile beings, you have fought your way to a
sanctuary, safe for the moment from the terrors outside. You seem to be trapped..... but there may be more
to this place than meets the eye... You must prove your identity, and gather all your treasure, to win - but
many problems, puzzles and dangers lie in your path!

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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