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labyrinth_b_disc.jpg - 46Kb
Guide mork through the labyrinth, eating fruit to replenish his dwindling energy supply.
Crush the Tiger moths, shoot the Flitterbugs, dodge the Treshers and if you are not to exausted
find and collect the magic crystals which lead to new and more challenging levels of the labyrinth.

mbase_b_tape.jpg - 30Kb
Moon Base Alert! Moon Base Alert!

As Moon Base commander, you must ward of the salvos of deadly neutron missiles falling from space onto your base.

Sitting at your control console, with command of our three defence stations at your finger tips, you must knock
out as many hostile missiles as possible.

Beware the multiple war-head missiles, as these fragment on reaching a certain height, and then devistate your
bases with missile fire.

As the game progresses, intelligent missiles arrive on the scene.
These avoid your fire, and must be destroyed with cunning.

Complete with satellites and planes.

meteors_b_tape.jpg - 30Kb
Steer your laser-ship through a hail of meteors smashing them with your laser bolts as they hurtle
towards you on all sides. Avoid being hit by the missiles from hostile flying saucers which fire at
you as they pass. Your ship is equiped with as many laser bolts as you can fire and as a last resort
you can escape through hyperspace.

Complete with sound effects and table of Hi-Scores.

mmission_b_tape.jpg - 26Kb mmission_b_disc.jpg - 28Kb
Piloting an Emergency Space Capsule, your mission is to rescue six of your fellow astronauts stranded
on the surface of an alien planet. Launch the Capsule from the mothership and guide it down to land
safely on the surface, picking up one astronaut at a time and taking him back to the Mothership.
Throughout your rescue attempt you must take care to avoid the meteors which drift above the planet
and the alien craft which pursue your Capsule firing deadly missiles.

Complete with sould effects, full colour graphics and table of high scores,
Meteor Mission is fully compatible with either keyboard or joysticks.

monsters_b_tape.jpg - 42Kb
Pursued by monsters along walls and up and down ladders, your only hope of survival is to outwit them
by trapping them in holes which you dig in their path. You can score extra points by dropping the monsters
through several levels, and the further you get the more you can score, as the monsters vary and become more devious.

Quite an exhausting business, so keep an eye on the oxygen level which drops during each screen and eventually
runs out, whereupon you will die. You have three lives, however, and can earn another one by scoring 3000 points.

Includes score, ladder of high scores, excellent graphics, and sound effects.

philquest_b_tape.jpg - 57Kb philquest_b_disc.jpg - 59Kb
Welcome to the adventure! This pack contains programs on cassette (disc) plus instructions for
PHILOSOPHER'S QUEST, an "intelligent" adventure where the player explores a strange land full of
weird and unlikely things, some dangerous, some even magical.

In this new and authentic game the concept of the adventure is exploited to the full, and extended
to include abstract thought as a means to progress and survival. However, wild speculation will
get you nowhere - you have to use your wits!

The object is to find all the treasures and bring them back to where you began, but in the meantime
you have to sift clues, weigh up risks, spot magic words and remember which way you came!

rockraid_b_tape.jpg - 32Kb
You are flying low in the final approach to the target of your mission; the Martian's supply base,
protected by anti-rocket missiles poised ready to shoot you down. Fire bullets and drop bombs to
destroy fuel tanks and their servicing units, but you also have to concentrate on flying the ship:
the walls of a cavern close in around you, and those mean little green things, the Phizzers, are out to get
you. Out of the cavern again, and slap into a horde of meteorites - these ones are indestructible, so you have
to dodge out of their way. Now skyscrapers loom up and the ship becomes entangled in a rather hazardous maze.....

snooker_b_tape.jpg - 41Kb
This is a game for two players, and is suitable for both experienced players and learners.
Full instructions and the Rules of the game are contained in the pack.

You play and score as in the original game. The strength of the shot is controlled by varying the length
of the cue, and you are given the option of using Backspin and Topspin in addition to ordinary shots.

Acornsoft Snooker is fully compatible with either keyboard or joysticks.

Note: Acornsoft Snooker is unsuitable for black and white televisions.

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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