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scomd_b_tape.jpg - 35Kb scomd_e_tape.jpg - 66Kb
Command a starship against the attacking alien ships in this demanding high-resolution graphics game.
You control the forward drive and sideways thrust of your ship, which is equiped with shields, long
and short-range scanners, and a sector display of the stars and alien ships.

snapper_b_disc.jpg - 41Kb snapper_e_tape.jpg - 67Kb
snapper_e_rom.jpg - 57Kb
Guide the Snapper through the maze eating dots and fruit while trying to avoid being eaten by the creatures
that chase you. If you eat a flashing dot the creatures become edible - eat them quickly before they revert
to snapper-hunting mode. The game gets progressively faster, and with higher scores as the fruit increase in value.
You must survive 13 screenfuls before catching a glimpse of the ultimate prize - the Acorn, worth 5000 points!

sphinx_b_tape.jpg - 47Kb sphinx_e_tape.jpg - 70Kb
A classic adventure which you move through caves, fight with trolls, collect treasure and finally make
your way to the Sphinx to collect your reward. But the Sphinx is not that easy to find, and along the way
there are all the pitfalls - some predictable, and others not - typical of the adventure game.

tpod_b_tape.jpg - 24Kb
Crash-landing your spacecraft on an alien planet, you find yourself taken prisoner and dumped into an arena littered
with dormant lizards and other hostile creatures. Battle to the death with Killer Bees, Red Devils and poison Orbs,
blasting them with your laser bullets, or setting the lizards onto them by firing at their dormant pods.

The bullets will bounce off the walls of the arena, and can destroy you as well as the enemy. Keep an eye on the
lizards, too, to make sure they don't get to close - they will pursue the nearest creature,
even if that happens to be you!

volcano_b_tape.jpg - 27Kb volcano_b_disc.jpg - 32Kb
Flying your Emergency Rescue helicopter on a routine patrol, you suddenly recieve a radio message to
proceed immediatly to Mount Crona, a volcano on the east side of the island. As it last erupted 150
years ago, Crona was thought to be extinct but now it has erupted again leaving a number of sightseers
stranded on the side of the crater. In a few hours the lava flow from the volcano will engulf them and
they will die! Without a second thought, you turn your helicopter and fly to begin your rescue operation.

Complete with sound effects, full colour graphics and table of high scores.
Volcano is fully compatible with either keyboard of joysticks.

Source of Information : Acornsoft product descriptions.

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