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29th November 2003: My newly aquired A4 Laptop has been added to the 32bit Computers section. Original thumbnails of the A4 in menu's have been replaced with images of my machine, as has the image on the A4 Specs Page. Some more images of the RISC PC have been added to the RISC PC Specs page, showing the difference between one and two slice cases. I also have a few more interesting articles still being written, these include a complete hard disc re-install on the RiscPC 600, and the fitting and configuration of a processor slot PC card to the same machine. I have also done a slight re-design on this "Whats New?" page, basically just re-done the top end, I think its alot more presentable now.
16th November 2003: Altered the page backdrops. This was done to save webspace as my current editor likes to save the backdrop in each pages folder. As the marble effect was about 52k this has saved me around 8mb over the entire site. Corrected a few text formatting problems and moved some text into tables so its alot more readable. More updates to come this month, I will be adding the Acorn A4 to the 32bit Computers section, along with some other interesting articles.
7th October 2003: Microvitec CUB Monitor stripdown and clean has been added to the 8bit Hardware section.
6th October 2003: Well, its finally here! The RISC PC stripdown and clean can be found in the 32bit Computers section. A great machine, which will eventually replace my PC for everyday use and maintenance of this website.
5th October 2003: A small addition to the "About me" section, also corrected a couple of spelling mistakes!
30th September 2003: Spec's for the A7000 and A7000+ have been added to the 32bit Spec's page. All Spec's listed for 8 & 32bit machines will be updated, revised or added to as and when I obtain more detailed information.
29th September 2003: A3xx and A4xx Series Machine Spec's have been added to the 32bit Machine Spec's Page.
22nd September 2003: Added Machine Spec's for the RISC PC 600 & 700, found on the 32bit Spec's page. RISC PC stripdown page is just waiting on me finnishing a film up and getting the pictures scanned, so I'll get it up as soon as possible. Must get a digital camera It would make life alot easier.
21st September 2003: A few more updates. Firstly I have added a link on the front page to the Acorn Pocket Book II. It doesnt fall into 8 or 32bit category so I placed it there for the time being. Also, updated specifications for the A4 and A4000 computers.
18th September 2003: A couple of updates today. First up, a stripdown and clean for an Acorn Data Recorder(BBC) on the 8bit Hardware page. Next we have a PS 2 Mouse and Keyboard Port Fuse repair for all RISC based machines. This can be found in the 32bit Repairs Section. Finally, stay tuned for my RISC PC stripdown and clean which will be hitting the 32bit Computers section hopefully within a week.
27th August 2003: Two new section added. 8bit Acornsoft Titles, a section showing cover art and product description of all games, educational, and applications titles that I have in my collection. Also a start has been made on the Acorn Manuals section. This will show cover art for all Acorn published user manuals.
22nd August 2003: A fairly large update today. Four new sections added, 8 & 32bit Machine Spec's and 8 & 32bit Original Equipment lists. The idea of this is to enable the serious collector to know exactly "what" was originally supplied with each Acorn machine, so they can build up an original and full example of there preferred machine. Some sections still have content to be added. This will be done as soon as possible and in some cases as soon as I aquire such examples for my collection.
6th August 2003: LOGO and Turtle Roamers Page now has some content. I hope to expand this page alot more in the future. Also Some new sections to be added soon. They will hopefully be of great help to people wishing to have that perfect collection. All will be revealed soon.
27th July 2003: Finally getting my excess gear sorted and placed on the sales page. Various Electrons/Disk Drives/Tape Decks and various other gear be it Acorn or other collectables going up. Much more to come. The idea being, I'm passing on duplicate items to make room for new permanent items in my collection.
13th July 2003: Sorted out some 8 & 32bit Educational Software. This has been placed on the Sales Page.
9th July 2003: Major Update to the site, A new look for all the pages, a little more texture making things look a bit easier on the eyes than all that black & white. A couple of new sections added but still under construction. Also the A310 restoration has been added along with an A310 Keyboard stripdown.
30th June 2003: Aquired an Archimedes A310 today, this will be the earliest Archimedes model in my collection. I hope to have this computer in the new 32bit restoration section by the time the new look site is available.
29th June 2003: Not an update but just to say I'm working on a new layout for the site, this one is fine for my first effort at Webdesign but is a bit bland. So, keep checking back for the "new updated look" Classic Acorn.
19th June 2003: Another major update for the site today. Ive completed the Master 128 Econet Upgrade page by showing how to set the station number. Also on the subject of Econet. The 32bit section covers Econet upgrades for the A3000 and A5000 also Serial and Memory upgrades for the A3000. There is also a new repair in the 32bit section where I do some picture alignment on a Microvitec Cub 3000 monitor. A busy week or two!
7th June 2003: Well it only lasted a couple of months, but Ive decided to axe the Sales Page. The reason, the cost of postage on larger items, ie the large amount of computers/monitors I have to pass on makes the prices unrealistic. So I will now only be moving gear on to new homes via "local" papers and "collect" only. This makes it easier for me to shift, and gives the collector the cheapest possible components. I will of course continue to add to the other sections of this site, so stay tuned, more to come.
31st May 2003: 2 new 8bit hardware strip and cleans, First up an Acorn 6502 External Second Processor, then an Acorn electron Plus 1 Expansion Unit. Also the first installment of my new sales page has gone up. Hopefully its easier to navigate with tonnes more to add later.
23rd May 2003: Thought It about time I added something to the Links page. Its a start, So check it out.
11th May 2003: PC Games added to sales page, Ive decided its time to move on and concentrate more on the older 8bit gear. Also stay tuned, more 8bit Hardware clean-ups due. Finally, I added an Acorn Electron ULA socket repair to the 8bit Repairs page. Just text at the moment as I made this repair well before this Site was created. So next time I will document it and add the pictures.
6th May 2003: Some more Printer spares added to sales page.
27th April 2003: Sales Page Update.
18th April 2003: Big update to the sales page with much more to follow when I have checked and sorted it. Also added missed information on the M128 Battery replace page. ie Forgot to add the *INSERT commands.
1st April 2003: First batch of kit gone up on the "sales" page. Much more to come in the near future including Master 128's, A3000's, A4000's, A3020's, Rare hardware bits, Dot-Matrix printers, Inkjets, Turtles, Monitors etc.
31st March 2003: Gained membership of the RISC OS Webring, hope I can serve the 32bit community as I have the 8bit.
22nd March 2003: Major update today, resized many images to free-up some webspace without affecting quality. Also added Master 128 Econet Module Fitting, Electron Stripdown, clean and re-assembly. Plus a few other bits tweaked.
16th March 2003: New Item added to sales page plus a general format of some pages, ie, to much space between text lines.
15th March 2003: First Item added to the "For Sale" page, ok its not Acorn but there's alot of Acorn gear on the horizon.
12th March 2003: Applied to and gained a place on the 8bit Webring as registering with major search engines looked like a magnet to spam.
11th March 2003: Moved the Hit-Counter to this page as I think it "might" give a better indication to hits. Reason being the counter counts every time the page is looked at without accounting for the same user hitting the "Back to Homepage" link. So hopefully having it on this page (viewed once per session) will give an accurate figure.
9th March 2003: Made a serious error, instead of using thumbnails I linked direct to the main images which took an age to download, I have now fixed this and have thumbnails in all previews. Also Uploaded all the 32bit content . More to come both 8 and 32bit. Added a Hit-Counter to the Main page with help via a chatroom HTML tutorial from Chris Richardson, many thanks Chris.
8th March 2003: Upload Time !! created an account with FreeUk, an ISP I have used many times in the past and have a very reliable service. Uploaded all the 8bit stuff and spent a while sorting out all my links, as they were set for "local offline" reading.
6th March 2003: Completed the A5000 and A7000 stripdown pages. I need to get the next film developed to complete the A3020 HDD and Master128 Econet pages.
5th March 2003: Done some more streamlining on the site, cut down on the number of sections on the homepage and merged them into the remainder, as I was just duplicating things. Prepared pages for the Master Econet board fitting and Fitting a HDD to the A3020. Hopefully be adding the pics to the A5000, A7000, and A3020 HDD sections tomorrow.
4th March 2003: Corrected some spelling mistakes and added the Master128 CMOS reset information to the Master 128 CMOS battery replacement page. Also a link to this from the Master 128 dissasembly page.
1st Mar 2003: Cleaned up the 32bit Computers page, now in a bettter order. Also instead of having a dedicated A3020 stripdown page, ive combined it with the A3010 as they are to all intents identical. Completed photography on stripdowns for A5000 and A7000 also for Master128 Econet Upgrade Fitting, tho this is not complete.
28th Feb 2003: Had to be realistic regards the size of this website. There were so many sections on the Main page with so much potential, but for now I have had to drop 6 of these due to the current size of the site. Therefore I will enhance whats left to the full, and then re-introduce these sub-sections as a later date.
27th Feb 2003: Added Copyright and Disclaimer pages also highlighted items on images, ie screws to be removed.
23rd Feb 2003: Created Master 128 stripdown/clean page, Acorn Electron Data Recorder stripdown page also pages for Master 128 keyswitch repair and CMOS battery replacement. Also A4000 Base Unit strip and clean.
22nd Feb 2003: Scanned images for the Master 128, Acorn Electron Data Recorder and Master 128 Keyswitch Repair.
11th January 2003: Created 4 more pages, A30x0 mouse cleaning, A4000 Keyboard overhaul and a Floppy drive ribbon cable repair and a Watford 12 ROM board pin repair. Also corrected a few errors.
8th January 2003: Finnished off the A3010 restoration page, and fixed a couple of bad links.
7th January 2003: Created all remaining main menu pages(titled HTML blanks), completed the A3000 restoration page and half done the A3010 resto page.
6th January 2003: BBC-B stripdown page nearly completed, few other pages prepared.
1st January 2003: Work begins on this new site.