Classic Acorn

What's NEW?


1st November 2006: The site is still very much alive,
tho you wouldn't think it due to the lack of recent updates.

I have lots more content in the pipeline which includes a very in-depth look at one of Acorn's co-processors. A processor in fact that I used extensively during my college years.

I have also of late been thinning out my collection of hardware. This due to the fact that space was becoming an issue, hence many machines being moved on to other enthusiasts homes.

I am also putting thought into taking the site in a slightly different direction.
Not in any way moving away from its current theme but specialising totally on the RISC OS side with some indepth articles on the OS and current applications that I use from day to day.
All content for the Legacy hardware etc. will remain untouched,thus ensuring an indepth repository of information for people needing to restore their earlier equipment.

So, many new developments being announced within RISC OS via the dedicated news portals.
An exciting time and hopefully a huge step forward for the OS in general.

28th May 2006: Just a quick update to the site. A small matter of text formatting in the left hand sections list.
Everything looked fine through Risc OS but I noticed that with IE and Netscape most of the 32bit section was listed in BOLD text.
This has now been fixed along with some general formatting to make it look alot better.
It is difficult to make the site work effectively over different browsers e.g. The HTML specifies a width for the left hand scrolling menu. This works perfectly in RISC OS browsers and the format is right.
However, using IE 6 or Netscape, "they" seem to ignore this and allow you to manually stretch this border to whatever width you like.
That's fine, but when you arrive at the homepage, IE 6/Netscape doesn't display it correctly.
3rd March 2006: Right, the first update of the new year. Long overdue, but I have been waiting until my Broadband connection was active as I have made some major uploads to the site. Namely moving all of the 32bit content over to the classicacorn side of the site, this previously being hosted on another account with the same ISP. This should make the site easier to manage.

So I now have broadband via my new Router that I bought at the South West Show a few weeks back. So far I can say that the upgrade was well worth it.

I have uploaded my report for the 2006 SW Show, this can be found in the shows section. A good day out, but lacking in new hardware developments. Still, read the report and find out what else was happening.