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28th May 2007: Updates for this Month!! South West Show Report 2007 has been uploaded. An excellent event as usual with a good attendance. Ok the report is a bit late but its up. No Photo's this time but will do next year.
Some minor tweaks to the side menu bar.
Things have been laid out, hopefully a little more efficiently.
Removed the 8bit Webring links on the home page. Sadly it looks as tho the host, 8bit Software (8BS) has gone for good, I havn't heard a thing from 8BS despite emailing on several occasions so its been removed.
Also slight modifications to the Links page, 8Bit Software removed, Acorn Cyber Village removed, and some wording changes to existing sites.
The thinning out of my extensive Acorn collection is still ongoing, approx 2/3rds has now been moved on to good homes via a popular internet auction site. More to be auctioned soon.