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29th October 2008:
Added a NEW page to the Site !!! It's gonna rain now!
An interesting little gem for those 8-bit BBC Micro Fans.
Check out Bob's Board in the Misc 8bit Hardware Section.
28th October 2008:
Links page has had a major overhaul.
I have given the page a cleaner look.
Lot's more relevant site's listed.
26th March 2008:
Uploaded the 2008 SW Show report. No Photos again but at least its got a write up.
There seems to be no show report available anywhere else on the RISC OS news portals.
I can see this is going to be another busy year, the site grew at an enormous rate in its earlier days and is now to the point where it is just ticking along.
My interest and commitment is still here, its just fitting it all in around real world commitments.
24th February 2008: Another Year,so time for an update.
Once again it was time for the RISC OS South West Show at its usual location, The Webbington Hotel near Loxton in Somerset.
I attended as usual and will get a report up soon.
A busy year last year has led to very little being updated on this site, its still very much alive and as previoulsy stated i have some interesting articles to upload soon.
Updates to my RISC PC as of the SW Show yesterday are all of the Software variety. From R-Comp I bought NetFetch 3 and Messenger Pro 5 ( this updating me from versions 2.20a and 4.24 respectively).
Also by far the most important upgrade was RISC OS 6 from RISCOS Ltd. More on this soon.

Lastly I thought it was about time the site got more involved in promoting RISC OS events, hence the banner for the Wakefield Show on the HomePage.
I will endeavour to keep upcoming events on prominent display during the year by using the organisers banners.