Classic Acorn

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1st November 2009:
We should now have uploaded the revised page layouts for all sections on the site.
This has taken quite some time to manually edit all of the code and where required,
split some pages into two or three, mainly to maintain rapid page rendering for
those surfers still using older machines or still on dialup.

I also have some interesting articles lined up for future updates to the site.

9th September 2009:
Just for information purposes, all pages on the site are currently
undergoing work. I am in the process of removing 99 percent of the
tables making thumbnails obsolete.
This is being done for a few reasons.
Firstly, to remove the need for hitting the BACK button to return
to the main text. Secondly, it was done originally to aid page
rendering speed for those still on dialup connections as most people
are now on broadband this is not required. Tho I have balanced the
pages as not to have thirty large format images on one page for
those still on dialup. I am about 40 percent there and will upload
all of the updates on the same day.
6th September 2009:
Something I just noticed now that my main browser is FireFox
on my UBUNTU PC is that one of the SW Show reports was not
showing up any images. Turns out that the JPG file extension
was in uppercase instead of lower. This did not seem to have
any effect when I used to check the site using MS IE6. but it
appears that FireFox doesn't like it.
So that's fixed. FireFox users can now see the images for
the 2005 SW Show in all their glory, or something :-/
22nd March 2009:
Added a new section entitled Misc Hardware Projects.
In this section I can add any wacky non-Risc OS Items
that have been tweaked or Modified for whatever reason.
2nd January 2009:
RiscPC 600 CMOS Battery replacement, Memory Upgrade, Hard Drive upgrade, and OS upgraded to 4.39 then RiscOS Six version 6.06
See the RISC PC upgrades section.