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5th December 2010:
At the last update I re-instated a page hit counter at the bottom of the sections
section on the homepage. This counter has historically been a right pain in the butt!
What I mean by that is that for no apparent reason it will decide all by itself to
re-set itself to ZERO without warning. Ok this isn't a real problem, I have been in
contact with my hosts a couple of times in the past and they cannot offer any explanation
as to why this happens. Well it aint me, as I cannot access the CGI stuff at their end.
So where we heading here? well nothing to do with the above directly but more just to
inform people that the Counter appears to throw up a bug in NetSurf where it cannot
display the count and only says: Parameter dd= requires a value.
Just to put into context, This appears to be specific to NetSurf as the counter is
displayed correctly using WebsterXL on RISC OS or FireFox on UBUNTU 8.04
7th November 2010:
New Content for the Site!
8bit Manuals section added, this contains cover scans of original Acorn manuals.
A section showing how the BBC Master 128 was used for my college work back in the
90's. My coursework has been scanned and uploaded showing the results of Wapping Editor
Desk Top Publishing package on the Master 128. Quite polished for the time.
A section showing how different browsers render the homepage of the site. The screenshots
are quite old as is the front page but you can see differences. I will try to upload
more screenshots with more modern browsers so that the differences can be noted.
A Silly page with a very poor attempt at humor. Well it's sorta funny.
29th April 2010:
Just got an email today from a long lost friend, 8BS.COM is BACK!!!
Yes, Chris has put the site back online and the site is currently being re-developed.
So bookmark that link now. How have we managed without 8BS for 4 years?
8-bit Webring code now re-instated onto the HomePage.
8BS.COM Link now Re-Instated on the Links Page.

Four new sections uploaded to the 32bit Focus On section.
In this section I will be spending some time showing you the in's and out's of
various software that I use on a regular basis. Not only that it gives anyone
thinking of obtaining the software a fair idea of its user interface.

1st January 2010:
A New Year, and more content to be added soon.